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LocalVista, California portable ventilators for rent from Mori Medical. The Trilogy100 portable life support ventilators are designed for versatility. They can be used in the home and alternative care sites, and provide noninvasive as well as invasive ventilator support with added sensitivity for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients.

The Trilogy's catalog of accessories, including multiple disposable circuits, with advanced technology and software, enhance patient ventilation as well as maintain effective treatment and improve patient care.

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The Trilogy 100 offers 2 circuit types: a passive circuit with exhalation port or an active circuit with an exhalation valve and proximal pressure line.

The Trilogy 100 can be used with a SD card that stores all necessary ventilation data. The data is monitored by DirectView software, which helps you manage patient ventilation therapy and assist with identifying the need for any adjustments. This ventilation data can be exported for supplementary analysis in a number of applications.

When configured with the passive circuit, the Trilogy 100 provides the following Respironics well known technologies:

Advanced leak compensation in invasive and non-invasive ventilation for pressure modes, as well as — for the first time ever — volume modes.
Auto-TRAK algorithm providing automatic trigger and cycle thresholds to maintain optimum sensitivity eliminating the need for adjustments.
AVAPS (Average Volume Assured Pressure Support) hybrid ventilation in pressure modes for invasive and non-invasive modalities.

Whether it's being used for hospital titration or in the home, the Trilogy Series have an intuitive interface that combines ease of use with access to high levels of versatility and performance. The Trilogy 100 portable ventilator offers up to 6 to 8 hours battery capacity for continuous use.

72 hours of raw data to monitor a patient's breath-by-breath waveform

Daily details, displaying the patient's therapy for the past 30 days

Trend overviews of the past 12 months displaying pressure, breath rate, percentage of triggered breaths, peak inspiratory patient flow, estimated exhaled tidal volume, leak, Ti/Ttot and minute ventilation

Trilogy 100 Portable Ventilator Specifications:

Tidal volume 50 — 2000 ml
Breath rate 0 — 60 for AC mode
1 — 60 for all other modes
Inspiratory time 0.3 — 5.0 secs
Rise time 1 — 6
Ramp start pressure 0 — 25 cm H20 for active circuits
4 — 25 cm H20 for passive circuits
4 — 19 cm H20 in CPAP mode
Ramp length Off, 5 — 45 minutes
Flex Off, 1 — 3
Flow trigger sensitivity 1 — 9 l/min

Flow cycle 10% — 90%
Apnea rate 4 — 60 BPM
Tidal volume 0 — 2000 ml
Minute ventilation 0 — 99 l/min
Leak rate 0 — 200 l/min
Respiratory rate 0 — 80 BPM
Peak inspiratory flow 0 — 200 l/min
Peak inspiratory pressure 0 — 99 cm H20
Mean airway pressure 0 — 99 cm H20
Percentage patient triggered breaths 0 — 100%
I:E ratio 9.9:1 to 1:9.9

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