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CareFusion LTV 1150

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Experience the Freedom to go Home

Whether in the hospital or in the post acute care facility, the LTV 1150 enables patients to experience the freedom to go home. Patients receiving ventilation support on the LTV 1200 can go home on the LTV 1150 using the same settings! The LTV 1150 offers an extended feature set, including internal PEEP and SBT, derived from the legendary LTV 1200. This medical equipment provides a warmer new look that maintains the light weight and small dimensions of the LTV series in a modern, user friendly package.

LTV 1150 Ventilator Specifications:

  • For patients 5kg body weight and up
  • Presets to select the patient type, Infant, Pediatric or Adult patients
  • Ventilator preset optimization using the intuitive LTV 1200 interface
  • Illuminated active controls and alarms settings for easy identification of ventilation parameters.
  • Internal PEEP (Compensated)
  • Spontaneous Breathing Trial
  • Low flow oxygen connection for concentrators or flow meters

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